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  • Metadata service application is running, and has a term set.
  • Use a managed metadata site column (created in the root web) in each list/library containing the term set.
  • All web parts on the page this is installed in has to use the same site column.

To use this script:
  • Download FilterPagebyMetadata.txt, from CodePlex.
  • Download SPServices,, and put in the same folder.
  • Download jQuery,, and put in the same folder. Version 1.9.0 does NOT work.
  • Open the FilterPagebyMetadata.txt in NotePad.
  • Update lines 13 and 14 to point to your files.
  • Update line 17 to your site column name.
  • Save the file.
  • Upload to your SharePoint site. I prefer to use the Site Assets folder in the root site.
  • Browse to your page where you want to use the code.
  • Insert a new Content Editor Web Part.
  • Edit the web part and specify the Content Link value as the path to the FilterPagebyMetadata.txt file, i.e. /SiteAssets/FilterPagebyMetadata.txt.
  • Click OK and save the page.

If you wish to update the formatting:
  • Overall font size, modify the div wrapping the words, line 7
  • Selected word formatting, line 144, and closes at line 152

NOTE There is currently one issue however, and I'm not sure if we can get around it. If you include a web part to a list that does not have the same site column in it, that web part will error when filtering the page.

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